Yo lo vi LO30898

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 01/18/04

See(l)ing SimpliCITY ;-) LO25234

From: Andrew Campbell

Date: 08/29/00
>>Richard Seel started his invitation with:
>> Complexity and chaos seem to be prevalent on the list at present -
>> I mean the topics, of course!
>That you mean only the topics and 'of course' is sheer politeness,
>isn't it? And I think it's ok this way. At least much better than what
>I face at office these days: 'simplify this, simplify that'. It drives me
>Liebe Gruesse,

Dear Winfried,

It's just the tip of a market trend isn't it Winfried? I mean people
selling 'simplicity' because it is so much easier to transport than
wisdom? They are already selling 'spirituality'...hack, hack, hack!
(Deming). Some-one;-) wrote recently that mistaking information for
knowledge, "is a grave immergence in meaning." I had a funny dream the
other night in which it became transparently clear to me;-) that the
future was in fact a rapidly expanding past and I saw an enormous line
fold into an enormous circle and one end then devouring the other
there appeared an enormous flat field in which there was nothing any
more...what could be simpler?


Note to the LO Digest and host: January 2004

i have not come back to haunt you, nor hunt you. there is no reply
mechanism for this.

i have appended a large powerpoint file to this ''note''. It is now
for you Richard to convert it with your own artistry into a pdf.
format that the whole can find acceptable, notwithstanding the forces
that surround every action, in order and disorder to STOP IT. That
DONE may you then append it to this contribution. LET the Past, the
Present and the Furture be the serene judges of any artistry through
me or you in ALL of THIS. I have created this because i believe you
are now dying many times more than you are living.

[Host's Note: Hello Andrew, glad to have this from you. For readers,
I've left Andrew's file as a .ppt, it's 4 megabytes, and it's at


.. and it has beauty. ..Rick]

{For those who still care, M is preparing to do the work of Christ in
the slums of Cambodia.}

For what it is worth, a few days ago i came upon on old, lost
"letter". It was from the times ;-) when M lived in someone's
basement. I had printed out for her a letter from At de Lange, it was
midwinter, a dark and cold night. She had come home from singing in
her church. She look down on the single sheet of paper she'd left by
the modest Christmas gifts she'd wrapped. Water had condensed in the
coldness of her tiny room, a single drop had fallen onto the one
"black" word on the "white" sheet. It had then travelled through the
black ink, so creating an aura of "many colours" ;-) and there, in the
centre was left "the trace" of the word, "Learning". The colour was
turned, golden.

"Yo lo vi" means ''i saw it'' -- it was spoken by the great Spanish
artist Goya.

Go look, see and do not say i did not tell you, even so...you know.

Andrew Campbell



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