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From: Philip Keogh (
Date: 01/20/04

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Hi All

Hal Popplewell wrote...

"I respectfully disagree. A Fact is a TRUE statement."

Hal... I also respectfully disagree. A fact is "something" we believe
to be true.

Accepting things as facts, set in stone, limits our abilities to learn
through questioning. If we accept Facts as True (the opposite end of
false) then today we would probably still have a geocentric view of
the solar system and universe. Despite evidence to the contrary.

True and false, I believe, lie on a sliding scale and the more we
believe in a thing, the more factual it becomes. The less we believe
the more false.

The more our peers accept a thing as factual increases our belief of
its factuality and vice versa. But, is there ever a belief that
something is 100% factual or 100% false?

I am sure I am not 100% right about this, but the evidence that I have
leads me to this way of thinking. I can be persuaded - persuade me.

Best regards

Philip Keogh
Pathology Information Officer
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