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Date: 01/30/04

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Glenn Wainman wrote:

'I am considering an action research project which includes a question
of the failure of the family framework in organizational culture . Is
there a relationship to an overall degradation of the family in our
culture on morale self-esteem and productivity, in organizations that
use this framework? Do we rebuild the family in these organizations or
change our focus, to learning competencies in leadership and teamwork?'


...I think it may be an idea to refer to Maturana on such matters who
gives the example of hitting someone on the head with a hammer. It is
not the hammer which determines that you will die, it is the thickness
of your skull. If your skull was made of rubber, the hammer would
simply bounce off. The notion of instructive interactions belongs in
the Universe of linear causality. Maturana quotes the story of King
Midas the man with the golden touch who had asked for this power of
instructive interaction. That is, he could determine completely the
structure of other systems (from the outside). Maturana points out
that the tragedy of Midas was that he could not be an analytic
chemist. Midas could not do science because to do science you must
claim that the characteristics of the system you analyse depend on the
structure of the system and not on what you do to it.


I interpret the above to mean that in order to react to the failure of
the family framework in organizational culture, you need to understand
it's construct. I guess it is abit like a doctor treating a patient
for the symptons rather than the causes. And when you understand the
cause, a more holistic approach may be taken.

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