Polanyi, The Tacit Dimension LO30997

From: Roeland van der Most van Spijk (r.vandermostvanspijk@student.kun.nl)
Date: 03/01/04

Replying to LO25780 --

I like to postpone a new dimension to this discussion,

We all agree - more the less - about two dimensions, like explicit and
tacit knowledge.

Thanks to M. Polanyi who provided a framework on the complex subject
of knowledge.

Polanyi analysed knowledge largely on philosophical grounds, but in
order to understand we must also attain notion to the neura/cognitive

I have the hypothesis that tacit and explicit knowledge are the two
extremes of one and the same dimension. This means that the
explicitness depends of the amount of connections between nodes and
relations in the neural network. The more complex knowledge becomes,
the more elements will be used in order to create the right
representation of "reality", the more tacit knowledge will become.


Roeland van der Most van Spijk <r.vandermostvanspijk@student.kun.nl>

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