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Date: 03/01/04

I received this today. Perhaps some of you may be interested?


The Fourth International Conference on
Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Where: To be held at the in the World Heritage listed 'Maritime'
Campus of the University of Greenwich in London, United Kingdom,

When: August 3-6 2004

General Description of Conference:

The primary interest of the Management Conference is knowledge- based
social and economic change. Driven by globalisation and advances in
information and communications technologies, this change has been
characterised in terms of emerging information/knowledge societies and
a global knowledge-based economy.

Conference web site:

Topics: The conference will address a range of critically important
themes in the various fields investigating 'Knowledge', 'Culture' and
'Change' in Organisations. Main speakers will include some of the
world's leading management thinkers, as well as numerous paper,
workshop and colloquium presentations by practitioners, teachers and

Papers submission: The deadline for the next round call-for-papers is
30 March 2004. Submission and publication of papers is continuous,
with a final deadline for submission of papers for publication one
calendar month after the end of the conference. Return to this page
for subsequent rounds in the call for papers. The conference
organising committee is currently inviting proposals to present 30
minute papers, 60 minute workshops, jointly presented 90 minute
colloquium sessions, or Virtual submissions. These might describe
'real world' initiatives or they might be academic research papers.

Presenters may choose to submit their papers for refereeing and
publication at any time before the conference, and up until one month
after the conference. Participants requiring full refereeing before
the conference are advised to submit their papers at least three
months before the conference.

Plenary speakers may also submit their session details via the
Presentation Proposal Process below for inclusion in the conference

Only one proposal of any format can be accepted per registered
presenter. This means that two proposals may be accepted in the case
of two registered presenters in a joint presentation, so long as both
presenters are registered to attend in person or as a virtual

Presentations accepted so far can be viewed in the Session Description
area of this site.

For further information, contact the conference secretariat

Sponsored by the University of Greenwich, London, UK and Australia's
largest business faculty, RMIT Business in Melbourne, this conference
will offer a comprehensive overview of current thinking in the area
broadly described as knowledge management. Its perspectives will range
from big picture analyses in keynote addresses by internationally
recognised experts in the field of management, to detailed case
studies of management practice. It will traverse a broad terrain, from
theory and analysis to practical strategies for action. Now emerging
as a major international event in the field of management, the
Management Conference 2003 was held in Penang, Malaysia and hosted by
the Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Who Should Attend

* Academics in the fields of management, social sciences and
* Research students.
* Knowledge managers.
* Trainers.
* Industry consultants.
* Knowledge Management and Change Practitioners.


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