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From: Philip Keogh (
Date: 03/09/04

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Hi At

In your response to my post on the list you write...

"What Senge designated as a LO is not a myth even though they are
scarce. It is a pity that so many institutions for learning call
themselves LOs while they do not qualify the least for a Sengian LO."

When I said I was writing a few personal notes around "The Learning
Organisation is a myth", this does not mean that I believe that the
concept of a learning organisation is a myth. Quite the contrary.

What I do find useful when "investigating" things, is to look from a
contrary viewpoint. An this is what I was doing. I find it a useful
technique to stimulate my thoughts.

We are all so conditioned to look at things from our own perspective.
From a viewpoint that we believe in. In doing so we potentially deny
ourselves that other perspective that allows us to ask "what would x
look/behave like if y were true"?

Its difficult - like playing chess with oneself without cheating! -
but rewarding.


Philip Keogh
Pathology Information Officer
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