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From: chris macrae (
Date: 03/22/04

And finally, the journalist whose 12 months overdue in writing up the
maps of goodwill system theory tells me I should get chapters at the
end of the month

I'm interested in any ideas on fun ways of making a game out of this
open standard as I believe it ought to be benchmarked anywhere that
people care about organisations being trustworthy. Immaturity on
goodwill is typically far worse that immaturity of total quality in
the 80s, and the value consequences even greater imo

I have a one pager on how one starts to prepare a game if you were to
play as a venture capital banker, ask me at, if
you'd like to see that

Reasons why I hope some LO people may be interested:

1) Defining goodwill as systemising organisation's relationships of
knowledge productivities and stakeholder demands one starts to map a
living system that needs to be protected from conflicts between
stakeholder and holes in knowledge flows caused by people politics or
misunderstanding of differences between who knows what and what the
hierarchical organigram implies

2) Most interesting of all is you cant measure goodwill's past but in
system terms you can measure which way it is spinning: growth or
destruction - and you would have thought a company would want to learn
to intervene if the spin news isn't good. Moreover as a system with a
lot of tension in it, you should always be spotting emerging conflicts
and resolving them before they compound. So goodwill governance requires
a conflict resolution audit that most companies are not doing, whereas
their traditional metrics are pretty good for making the system tenser
until it snaps

3) Networks of organisations become even more interesting : which way
is each going to spin the other

These are just a few examples of the games one can start to map.
Anyone else in OL world working specifically on goodwill as a system?

Chris macrae


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