Future of the Arts in a Mixed Capitalist Economy LO31011

From: Bill Harris (bill_harris@facilitatedsystems.com)
Date: 03/15/04

Replying to LO30645 --

This thread has been silent for a while, but I heard a bit of news
that might pertain, at least tangentially, to the topic or at least
the subject line.

Have you seen Toyota's trumpet-playing robot
(http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/special/robot/)? You can see but not hear
it in action at that site. While I have no idea whether it will ever
become a viable orchestra or jazz musician (and that doesn't seem to be
Toyota's goal), I hadn't really even considered robotic musicians
playing traditional instruments as a human would until I saw that.

The relation to an LO? Perhaps simply to acknowledge that my
imagination as to what's possible sometimes doesn't go as far as
others' actions.


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