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From: Antony Aitken (
Date: 03/18/04


Replying to LO30966 --

Really interested in your work.

We are coaches - and we facilitate Action Learning Sets between people
from different organisations, where the participants learn from each
other in a safe environment. Conversations matter; strategic
conversations might matter more!

In another world, we sometimes promote 'self-organising change', where
people take responsibility for what they can do, in the moment, using
skillful conversation - rather than waiting for some great solution to
be dropped on them from on high. Thus the quality of those
conversations are crucial.

To quote Susan Scott in "Fierce Conversations"

"..our work, our relationships, and, in fact, our very lives succeed
or fail gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time"

Antony Aitken
0118 988 3164
Transition Partnerships
harnessing change for business advantage

-- (Antony Aitken)

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