Unlearning & Dialogue LO31028

From: Maurits (lpeek.mrijk@consunet.nl)
Date: 03/22/04

Re: Un-learning LO30936

Unlearning is a very important (if not the most important) part of
learning, as it is the start of increasing your perception. I think
David Bohm's dialogue could be a way to begin the unlearning (getting
past assumptions) process.

(a quote from
http://www.muc.de/~heuvel/dialogue/dialogue_exploration.html ):
"Dialogue ... addresses the blocks in communication."

I think to know where you are going is a very short-sighted thing. In
reality there is no such thing. Dialogue is a way of meeting that

Another quote from the same website: "We may at any moment have to
have a purpose, but we are not holding to that purpose. Purpose flows
out of significance and value and that's what we're exploring. We
expect that meaning is going to change through our learning as we go
along and therefore purpose changes naturally."

What I wonder though is: How can you achieve free speech in an
existing organisation?

Kind regards,

(I hope the quotes are allowed)

[Host's Note: No problem with short quotes. ..Rick]


Maurits <lpeek.mrijk@consunet.nl>

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