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From: Myers, Kent C. (
Date: 04/21/04

Dear LOs, This meeting will have a good mix of folks from everywhere.
There's going to be a major government program announced that will
attempt to do something systemic about air travel. This may also be
the last time to see some of these people in action. And it's a
bargain. But act now because the hotel is closing out. If you have
further questions, find the contacts listed on the web site. I'm
going to deliver a paper about sensemaking and what that means for
software. Kent Myers

[Host's Note: Hmm.. This looks like a pretty interesting meeting!
Thanks, Kent, for the notice. ..Rick]


The Ackoff Center (ACASA) at the University of Pennsylvania and the
Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) are co-sponsoring the
3rd International Conference on Systems Thinking in Management (ICSTM
'04): Transforming Organizations to Achieve Sustainable Success, May
19-21, 2004, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, USA.

Speakers from around the world in industry, government, and academia
will present the latest advances in dealing with, and even harnessing,
continuing change. Interaction with key speakers, participation in
workshops, and presentation of your own thoughts and ideas will allow
attendees to challenge speakers on how organizations can produce real,
sustained development in uncertain, strained times.

A truly interactive event, ICSTM '04 cannot be missed if you are
interested in systems thinking or in transforming your organization.

Featured Thought Leaders:
* *Russell Ackoff, Professor Emeritus, Wharton School of the University of
* *Chris Argyris, Harvard University and the Monitor Group
* *Vince Barabba, author and former General Motors executive
* *Peter Checkland, Lancaster University Management School, UK
* *Michael C. Jackson, University of Hull, UK
* *Allenna Leonard, American Society for Cybernetics
* *Michael Maccoby, author and President of The Maccoby Group
* *Ian Mitroff, University of Southern California
* *Barry G. Silverman, University of Pennsylvania
* *John Sterman, MIT System Dynamics Group
* *Margaret J. Wheatley, author and President of the Berkana Institute
Please visit our website at <> for more


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