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Date: 04/20/04


 I came across this discussion as the result of an exercise with an
online educational program I am participating in. The exercise was to
go "outside the walls" of the classroom and experience an online
community. I am very drawn to the dialog aspect of this group and I am
particularly impressed with the longevity of the participation and
wealth of information that is posted to this dialog.

I am fairly new to online communication (1.5 yrs) and this is my first
venture, as a new guest, into an established group.

Somehow - and I am not completely clear with the subconscious drive -
I have worked myself into a bureaucratic, state agency (2.5 yrs).
Although my background is with entrepreneur and production printing,
massage therapy and dance, database and web development - I currently
work at California State University Hayward, in the San Francisco Bay
Area. I am in the business side of the educational structure and have
generally been aghast at the organizational life - and lack of
critical reflection. I have taken steps to change my seating into a
position in the academic side - retirement is around the corner and
then I will be in a good launching point to explore more personally
satisfying and interesting learning.

I have spent much of the last few days reading the archives of the
Learning-Org Dialog. As a new voice, I am very excited and want to
generally ask how these concepts for organizational learning can be
applied to bureaucratic conditions - if that is possible at all.

At de Lange (my best intentions at appropriate reference to your name)
responded to LO28456 at
with a great summary of "intellectual authority" that developed into a
look at the root of "liturgy" from "leitourgia". At de lange states:
"What a liturgy does is to suppress the "second loop" of learning - to
learn how to learn."

I have found this to be a scourge in the bureaucracy I find myself.
Will bureaucracies eventually crumble away?

Martha Lucero Wallace


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