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From: John Zavacki (
Date: 04/26/04

Replying to LO31026 --

Leo Minnigh writes that "Measurement leads to satisfaction.
Satisfaction, to back the doubt, or giving an excuse for a certain
execution or decision. This has nothing to do with knowledge."

When I was a consultant, Leo, I would have said "It depends." Now
that I'm not a consultant, I can say beyond a doubt: it depends.
Some knowledge cannot be reached without measurement. I cannot know
whether or not I will have enough money in my coffee to buy coffee
without counting (measuring) or whether or not I am breaking the law
without reading my speedometer. Many decisions need to measure and
analyze data in order to value them. Even the most creative idea can
lose money, destroy value, weaken a company, and effect hundreds of
human lives. So, having one of those lives, on which others depend, I


John Zavacki
As Dogen says, people like what is not true and they don't like what is
Shunryu Suzuki


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