Handbooks of Org. Studies LO31050 -ephemera vol 4, no 1 (feb 2004) - 're-viewing' Handbooks

From: Steffen Bohm (sgbohm@essex.ac.uk)
Date: 04/26/04


Issue 4(1) of 'ephemera: critical dialogues on organization', which
has just been published at http://www.ephemeraweb.org, 're-views' 7
Handbooks of organization studies:

- J.A.C. Baum (ed.)(2002) The Blackwell Companion to Organizations.
Oxford: Blackwell.
- H. Tsoukas and C. Knudsen (eds.)(2003) The Oxford Handbook of
Organization Theory. Oxford University Press.
- Warwick Organizational Behaviour Staff (eds.)(2001) Organizational
Studies: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management (4 Vols.).
London: Routledge.
- S. Clegg (ed.)(2002) Central Currents in Organization Studies I & II
(8 Vols.). London: Sage.
- A. Sorge and M. Warner (eds.)(2000) The IEBM Handbook of
Organizational Behaviour. Thomson Learning.
- R. Westwood and S. Clegg (eds.)(2003) Debating Organization:
Point-Counterpoint in Organization Studies. Oxford: Blackwell.
- S. Crainer and D. Dearlove (eds.)(2001) Financial Times Handbook of
Management: On the State of the Art, 2nd edition. London: Pearson.

Handle them with care!

the ephemera collective



volume 4, number 1 (february 2004)


Handle with Care
Campbell Jones and Steffen Böhm


Opening the Companion
André Spicer

HOT on the Discursive Limits of Organization Theory
Mark Tadajewski

Progress, Pessimism, Critique
Peter Fleming

The Archive and its Other
Campbell Jones

Strawberries for Gregor
Roy Stager Jacques

Bridges, Barricades and Sandcastles
Cliff Oswick

Management? ^ÅWhatever
Damian O^ÒDoherty


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