Leo is als een boom LO31067

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 04/27/04

Replying to LO31051 --

Leo announces the birth of an offspring, thusly ;-)

> I am glad to announce the publication of my book 'Inventief
> probleemoplossen' (Academic Service, ISBN 9039522162). It is written
> in Dutch, so unfortunately only accessable for some people on this
> list. I had the feeling to gave birth to an elephant and I got an
> impression of the releive and feelings a woman which became a mother
> experienced ;-)
> Leo Minnigh

It is a good book, Leo. Yes, Rick, congratulations to Leo.

I think i would be right to say that in Holland,as in England, as in
the UK there are very few books that deal with creative, constructive
problem solving? Leo, i hope that some will have the sense to see the
great service that would be rendered the many by having this original
book translated into other languages, German, French, English and
American ;-) (...ok...the last one i am only kidding;-)

Leo is als een boom, groeiend naast de Noordzee. Die wind is lastig
aan hem, maar maar toch is brushwork vast en allen wordt nu fijn
verweven, ge´ntegreerd en geeft me de indruk van een boeket van
bloemenliefde, Andrew en Vincent; -)

Foregive me any errors Leo, Dutch is not my native tongue.


Andrew & Anona



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