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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 04/26/04

Replying to LO31042 --

HelLO John,

That is extremely interesting ------ pause ------- because this
afternoon as a result of a lot of new (novel) inputs to my own system
of late, esp. around new areas of involvement for me in what are
broadly 'embodied and 'enactive learning' bas )....if that is the
plural of ba;-), i found my mind wandering around precisely that
thought, that compassion is a very powerful thing. But not just to
feel pain in the 'other' but to feel 'other' qualities as well, from
pain to joy...right over the scale...

I have always wanted to meet certain people personally...Michelangelo,
da Vinci, Cezanne, van Gogh, Duchamp, Arshile Gorky, Pollock,
Rothko....just to name a few artists ...and i have in so far as, in as
much as, i have been able to access orginal works. I want to come back
to this point in another post that i will write in connection with
this spontaneous reply. (as the church bells peel out, as they have
for some hundreds of years, here)...i would like to meet At de Lange
;-) and you, John, and others here as well...i want to find you
''embodied''...(i want to come back to this as well in another post

So, John...some synchronicity in LO. i always like that, it tells me
that the bridge i thought was maybe gone, is still there. It is a
timeless bridge, it is easy to lose sight of it, lose the faith of it.
Yet it is there, always there.

In another recent post i've yet to digest, At writes about love.

Love is the cosmic work of Art par excellence

" A work of art is a corner of nature seen through a temperament.'
Emile Zola

--Paul Gaugin's Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers. 1888. Oil 73 x 92.5 cm
Nat. Museum Vincent van Gogh, Amsterdam. --

''Charged with electricity'' ;-)

There. We have it ;-)

To be continued.



> A lovely "ramble" Andrew, so full of truth. For me there is one
> concept which makes organizations and indiviuals learn. Compassion.
> To feel another's pain and to try to understand it is so much more
> important than understanding quantum mechanics (which is very
> important in it's own ba) in the community of practice, the system of
> current living.



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