Unlearning & Dialogue LO31073

From: John Zavacki (systhinc@msn.com)
Date: 05/01/04

Replying to LO31070 --

I fully agree with this. In my own company, the Ombudsman function is
well developed. Unfortunately, in smaller organizations it is not
always so. No one should ever have to fear speaking the truth.

john zavacki

As Dogen says, people like what is not true and they don't like what is
Shunryu Suzuki

> I agree with you, but I think what you say doesn't go far enough. In
> the Open Enterprise, free speech and openness without risk of
> retribution calls for protection by the governance function, including
> in the form of an Ombudsman who reports to the board, and not to the
> executive function to whom the rest of the free speakers do. That
> way, people can be true to their ideas even as they are true to their
> contractual obligations, without the former resulting in interference
> with the latter.


"John Zavacki" <systhinc@msn.com>

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