Leo is als een boom LO31074

From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 05/03/04

Replying to LO31067 --

Thank you, dear Andrew.

In Dutch there is an expression: he is as felow of (like) a tree. It
means something like a robust, sturdy man. Behind this description is
also another meaning: persistent, enduring. Form and contentt in one
expression. But I question if this expression describes me in a proper
way. I am a rather doubtful person and tend to walk more and more

But your Dutch words are very pleasing and the link to Vincent van Gogh
is most flattering. These words are also as a mirror for me. They
remind me of the first draft of the book which I wrote in English.
Well, I thought it was English; probably well understandable, but not
according the rules. This is not at all a critic to your Dutch words,
Andrew. Let me try to explain.

Our dear friend At with whom we still could communicate intensely with
imagination and telepathy, wrote once a story of the preparation of a
cake. It was one of the many pictures which At has sketched to enrich
our understanding of the 7E's.

Baking a tasty cake is as painting a picture, as writing a text. All 7
E's should by in harmony to get a cake, or a good text. What
ingredients, the cook and the oven are for the cake, are the
characters, author and pencil for the text. And dear Andrew, although
we all try as hard as we can to paint a rich picture on canvas or on
paper with characters, it does not mean that we are masters in
harmonising the 7 E's.

Possibly my metaphor is a little bit too difficult. But what I mean was
to say that I enjoyed so much your Dutch text. It was as a Dutch cake
with an English flavor, which makes it very special, a fascinating

Leo Minnigh

>From: <ACampnona@aol.com>
> I think i would be right to say that in Holland,as in England, as in
> the UK there are very few books that deal with creative, constructive
> problem solving? Leo, i hope that some will have the sense to see the
> great service that would be rendered the many by having this original
> book translated into other languages, German, French, English and
> American ;-) (...ok...the last one i am only kidding;-)
> Leo is als een boom, groeiend naast de Noordzee. Die wind is lastig
> aan hem, maar maar toch is brushwork vast en allen wordt nu fijn
> verweven, ge´ntegreerd en geeft me de indruk van een boeket van
> bloemenliefde, Andrew en Vincent; -)


"leo minnigh" <minnigh@dds.nl>

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