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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 05/01/04

Dear LO,

A resend in the wake of the Spanish train bomb in Madrid, this file
and post got lost on its way. - The light will not suffer the same

[Host's Note: My apologies to Andrew and readers... For a while I was
just too busy to do the extra processing on msgs with images. But, now
I can send you some beautiful images from Andrew. ..Rick]

Dear Learning Organization,

''Traje de luces'' - ''the suit of light''

If you wished, you may ''read'' many things into my simple image
(please see attached file).

[Host's Note: Andrew's file is at



i offer only two seeming complementaries, that symbolise, perhaps, two
major forces at work. The spiral of grey are the horns of the bull;
and the spiral of white is then the 'spur' of life; ridden into the
ring of existence and symbolising by connection the calm dignity of
the horse, surmounted (in) the perils of life. (This symbolism is from
an account by Arnheim of the images found in the painting
''Guernica'', by Pablo Picasso.)

''Magatama''  means ''The curved jewel'' in Japanese. This symbolises
also the curves of the spiral, a 'teardrop' shape that was also,
"-used by Picasso to bring a concentric roundness with a sense of
pointed direction. -This device was used to effect in the heads and
necks of the light bearer and the fugitive in Guernica."

The three columns in the PPt are interpretations of the dynamics of
the main symbolic figures found in "Guernica"





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