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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 02/28/04

Dear Philip,

 - i currently have a young friend who is a senior nurse at a leading
teaching hospital in London. She was wondering, being quite relatively
young, if she should apply for a senior post in her specialism (HIV)
working with young children (paediatrics). My thoughted feeling then
was ''yes'', and ...if she did not get the post, well, it would serve
as a preparation for the next time.

She applied for the post and got it. Last week she told me about the
way that HIV is rising again in the UK, well, in her part of London.
Many babies are now being born with HIV positive status because the
drugs given to mature adults are enabling them to remain sexually

I am Philip no ''expert'' on how these cycles operate, i am sure that
those stochastical scholars among us and epidemiologists (sp?) and
'systems' people would know...but it is, to me, amazing how no one, if
they really are so 'clever' ever actually figure it out beyond
proverbial ;-) ''step one''.

Really, are more people healthier pro rata today than in ancient

..i here a voice sotto voce of the progressivist saying, "Yeh! ...But
those old Greeks had slavery, put down the women, used to have little
boys for pleasure and sacrificed living people..(Yaboo!)

..i see what i see, enslaved migrant workers, young children sold as
sex slaves, people tortured in hell holes all around the world, and
the scourge of our internet is what, pornography, whereby beautiful
young people are depicted like caged animals.

There are many levels 'going on' in this (pdf) file. I loved the
poem...( which is not to say i do not love all the other
manifestations of personhood in it...because i do)...but what i loved
was that Larry, who was a ''complete;-)" stranger, and he gave me
permission immediately, no questions asked, for the poem's deication
to Lucy...(in fact) he wrote me back several times in care for this
woman he'd never met...when i shared a version with people connected
to complex caring concerns i was told that i had abused the netiquette
of the list...and not one acknowedged it or asked about the little
girl ;-) Lucy...

These things Philip, are very telling to me as a non-expert,
non-complexologist, non-medico angled;-) person.

Perhaps the ''life'', the ''artwork'', the ''poetry'', the ''notes
exchanged'' were not worthy of time or acknowledgement...perhaps those
people did something better with their time and personal creativity
that day...perhaps. I (we) can't know, they don't share or say, but
they do seem to esteem the medium of the promo'd ''conference'' and
the ''pre-conference'' notices ...that they seem to flag up... not for
the 'tendere esse' but the ''expertise'' that will.....but i wonder,
will it?

The community of ''hard sciences'' is fast losing its grip on
society's collective trust and goodwill, well, here in the UK it seems
to be so. It is driven by rank, money and other non well becoming
considerations. And what i see is the complexity people (self
assigned) moving in...Mmmmmm;-) Mmmmm. Mmmmmmm.

If what Prigogine says is true, is true in ''dissipating
systems''...perhaps the new physicians had better do some deeper
healing on ''self'' first.

Philip, i see strange things.

Keep ;-) that in mind ;-) when you go into the file.

Mind Confucius...feel beyond the ''gates'' of good intention...

see the glass of water put just out of reach...

think upon the deeper meaning of Lucy's contribution to her world...

think upon the compassion of her Caretaker...

think upon the lovely words of the poet in the city of Angels,

think upon the old Greek knowledge of tendere esse,

think upon the deep ocean of Victor Hugo

and wonder ....why we need to bow down at all for the complexologists,
who really ''know'' nothing at all, and yet their ''nothing at all''
is all they have to sell.

"No event can be beyond expectations, fear contradiction, or compel
surpise. For Zeus, father of Olympians, has made night at full noon,
darkness mid the brilliance of the sun and pale fear has seized men.
Henceforth nothing for them is certain; one may expect everything and
none among you should be astonished to see, one day, the deer
prefering the sonorous tides of the sea to the land, borrow from the
dolphin sea pasture, while the latter plunges into the mountains."
Archilochus 700 BC

Philip, i have a little book, of a little man, with little pics. of
little things who had a little manifesto. He was one of my first
Masters...on his tombstone is son had etched,

" I cannot be grasped in the here and now
For my dwelling place is as much among the dead
As the yet unborn
Slightly closer to the heart of creation than usual
But still not close enough." (Paul Klee)

Dear At,...you are dead right old man ;-) that image for the Senge
interview is not beautiful, it is strange and has a little fear in it,
it is day turned ;-) night, but in turning night on the turning world
we turn night to day..do we knot?

It has something of the ten thousand in it...

(little) Love,


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