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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 06/27/04

Replying to LO31074 --

>Thank you, dear Andrew.

>In Dutch there is an expression: he is a fellow of (like) a tree. It
>means something like a robust, sturdy man. Behind this description is
>also another meaning: persistent, enduring. Form and content in one
>expression. But I question if this expression describes me in a proper
>way. I am a rather doubtful person and tend to walk more and more

Snip to

>Baking a tasty cake is as painting a picture, as writing a text. All 7
>E's should by in harmony to get a cake, or a good text. What
>ingredients, the cook and the oven are for the cake, are the
>characters, author and pencil for the text. And dear Andrew, although
>we all try as hard as we can to paint a rich picture on canvas or on
>paper with characters, it does not mean that we are masters in
>harmonising the 7 E's.

>Possibly my metaphor is a little bit too difficult. But what I mean was
>to say that I enjoyed so much your Dutch text. It was as a Dutch cake
>with an English flavor, which makes it very special, a fascinating

>Leo Minnigh



" Again, in music, (writes Michael Leyton) the composer Xenakis
produces compositions that have the structure of statistically
generated processes like those of gasses..." (Symmetry, Causality,
Mind - Chapter 4, 4.3 p 158)

and prior to that a few pages, Leyton writes

" When one hears a twig snapping, some way off in the forest, one
hears an event that has happened some time before the ear received the
sound waves, furthermore, what one hears is a causal interaction; ie.,
a twig being broken." Prior to which he wrote, " one does not hear
the sound stimuli that are at the ear; one hears instead the three
dimensionl environment that has been recovered."


" (Thus) the purpose of cognition is to compensate for the forward
asymmetry of physical time with the backward asymmetry of
psychological time. Notice, finally, that the classical dichotomy of
mind and body rests ultimately on a difference between two directions
of time. 4.8.1"





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