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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 06/28/04

Replying to LO31074 --

dear Leo,

i went from my last post on this topic to read about Chris Argyris,
which led me to Bohm and thence to Buber, a straight line in
inferences for me...but for you...anyhows ;-) here is something i
found that Buber wrote, about trees and....by way of a post script.


 "(We) can look on (a tree) as a picture: stiff column in a shock of light,
or splash of green shot with the delicate blue and silver of the background.
I can perceive it as movement: flowing veins on clinging, pressing pith, suck
of the roots, breathing of the leaves, ceaseless commerce with earth and air
- and the obscure growth itself.
I can classify it in a species and study it as a type in its structure and
mode of life.
I can subdue its actual presence and form so sternly that I recog nise it
only as an expression of law...
I can dissipate it and perpetuate it in number...
In all this the tree remains my object, occupies space and time, and has its
nature and constitution.
It can, however, also come about, if I have both will and grace, that in
considering the tree I become bound up in relation to it. The tree is no longer
It. I have been seized by the power of exclusiveness.

Martin Buber (1958) I and Thou, pages 19-20)



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