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From: leo minnigh (
Date: 07/05/04

Dear Andrew, dear LO'ers,

I changed the subject (was: Leo is als een boom), since this Leo wants
to be transparent/invisible as clear water.

Andrew, your/Maturana's description of the pebble in the pool reminds
strongly to a little poem I wrote in 1998. This memory seems to be a
reflection of itself (translated from the original Dutch version):


There falls a bulby drop
in the middle of the pool.

A circle of memory
grows to the rims.
Once shrinks an echo halo
of vague suspicion
back to the inception.

It is strange that some persons have thought of the present, the now.
The now is too short to comprehend. In another poem which is
untranslatable (I write my poems in Dutch) I wrote something of that
strange present. You should know that the word for 'now' in Dutch is
'nu'. Look at this minimal word 'nu'. It hardly couldn't be shorter.
But the strange characteristic of this word is that it stays the same
if read upside down. Isn't it not the ideal mirror between future and


> are..which makes me wonder about this thing called
> ''reality'' continue to live in and out of my dreams...

Now and then Andrew, I sense that the circles of our dreams interfere in the
now and then (which could be past and present in the same time)...

Thank you for your wave fronts,



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