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From: Passi (
Date: 07/06/04

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Bangkok Thailand
Conference Theme: Learning Organization In A Learning World
19th International Conference at KMUTT Bangkok
April 18th to 22nd 2005
Invitation for speakers or (a) paper presentation
b) Organization of pre-conference workshop
(c) Organization of the SIG's
We are looking for help to find good speakers and international
delegates for the following International Conference on 'Learning
Organization in a Learning World' . The KMUTT Bangkok invites you to
promote and participate in an International Conference of 'Learning
Organization in a Learning World' from April 18th to 22nd 2005. The
conference is called as ICLORD2005 which stands for International
Conference Learning Organization Research and Development. Details are
available at or contact us
Theme of the conference is relevant to corporate, governance,
education, business, and administration. You can join the conference
in different ways: (*) as a paper-presenter delegate or (**) as an
ordinary-delegate. You can present a workshop or organize an SIG.
You can be a speaker too.
You may develop your paper on any of the sub-themes, (a) Global
Factors in Influencing Society; (b) Theory, Meanings, and Methodology
of Learning Organization; (c) Application of Learning Organization in
Learner-centered Education; ; (d) Application of Learning Organization
in Technical, Vocational, & Industrial Education; (e) Application of
Learning Organization in other Areas; and (f) Case Studies. Please
submit the abstract of your paper in less than 300 words by September
31, 2004.
In addition to the above, you can arrange (a) a pre-workshop activity
on 18th April, or (b) organize SIGs (Special Interest Groups) from
19th to 21st April during the conference days. Please indicate the
details of proposed workshops or SIG's by indicating the title,
objectives, time required, and proposed schedule. Please email to
You can avail a fee concession for registration if you register at an
early date (for details see
Prof. B.K.Passi
 Consultant Learning Organization
SIE Building 3 Floor 2 Room 1
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
91 Sukaswat 48 Road
Pracha Utit Bangmod, Toong-Kru Bangkok Thailand


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