Uncovering the Act of Organisational Learning LO31122 (Part 3).

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/11/04

Replying to LO28843 --

(To At's family, friends and carers)

dear At, Chris, Alfred, and LO

In a culminative contribution of LO 28843 in July 2002 At de Lange

"Initially I tried to draw five straight lines from "sapient knowing" to
"event" on the inside, but they interfered too much with the five straight
lines from "formal knowing" to "information" to give a nice picture. (Try
to do it self and see what a mess the result is.) Thus I had to draw them
on the outside as five curves from "sapient knowing" to "event". In the
end the result has become quite symbolically to me. It is as if these
caring deeds embrace like arms the OL in a LO.
See if you can follow the two O-O loops. (It is like tracing over and over
again the number 8 turned sideways). The inner O-O loop involves
information and its management whereas the outer O-O loop involves events
created by caring deeds. The drawing as a whole looks very much like a
butterfly to me."

At, you once wrote me that too few people esteem the internal chaos
that the pupa undergoes in order ;-) to irreversibly become a
butterfly. So in that spirit ;-) i took your diagram and ran it
through just ''two degrees'' of 'change' - (via a secret ;-) process)
and got the result seen on page one of the PPt. Not only does this
butterfly have wings through which top guide the storms, but has
apparently two anten(n)ae -- via which to learn as well ;-)

[Host's Note: Andrew's PPT is at

The words of Blake's 'Milton' are prompted by an irreversible event.
When i copied to you a PPt at the university, the mail was returned,
saying you no longer existed. Mmmmm....One does wonder at what level
the administrators at the University of Pretoria ''exist''..but that
is perhaps an existential question too far?

And ..., for the less than roundly educ(At)ed at Pretoria University,
Milton became blind.

The last page is a reiteration of the Klee message to the world,
created just at the interface of WWII. It is amazing that such an
abstract and arcane ;-) reference should become the subject vehicle
;-) of an article about the current ongoing Tamil Tiger terror threat
in Sri Lanka. I wonder where the author would have gotten such a
reference point. 'N' Degrees of separation.

That is what i love about the connection i have found between your LO
teaching and my inner experience of God, Creator or Caretaker...There
is No degree of Separation...that is for me the newest<>oldest
inter-face, ''the press of the touch of God''. There is something of
his imprint in your poetics and teaching.

I hope the words of Will'm Blake inspire you, my dear friend and
fellow artist. My little butterfly is but a poor exemplar of your
theory and practice.

I don't know if you know, At... that about the same time;-) Blake
wrote the words on page one of the PPt he was engaged, " -- to engrave
-- almost two hundred pieces of crockery from the factory of
Wedgewood, for a 'sample book' used by salesmen. So, the great author
of Eternity was obliged to illustrate egg cups, tureens, candlesticks
and coffee pots..." (Ackroyd's 'Blake' - I [was] am hid.)

Wedgewood's son, not the brightest star in the night sky ;-) once
wrote him, " I ought to have mentoned to you -- that the hole for the
ladle in the cover should not be represented & which you will be so
good to omit in the engraving."

There we are At, Chris, Alfred. Do not despair...

" Mounting upon wings of light into the Great Expanse:
Reechoing against the lovely blue & shining heavenly Shell:
His little thraat labours with inspiration; every feather
On throat & breast & wings vibrates with the effluence Divine
All Nature listens silent to him & the awful Sun
Stands still upon the Mountain looking on this little bird."

Herein the bird for Blake becomes an angel.

Who is to tell other-wise ;-)

Gently At, gently.





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