Mind meandering around essentialities LO31123

From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 07/12/04

Replying to LO31121 --

Dear Andrew, Dear LO' ers,

Is it not exciting, this dialogue? I think At will embrace this -
seeing how others try to comprehend the deepness of his mind gems.

[Host's Note: Sorry to have slowed things down in this exchange. I'm
only now (Aug 22) distributing this one from Leo of July 12.]

In " What is an emergence? LO20143" At wrote (it was in december

> Otherness ("quality-variety"). First mix rancid rather than fresh butter
> and the flour. Then mix sour rather than fresh milk into that mixture.
> Follow it up with rotten eggs which even make the dogs whining. Add some
> gun powder to assist the raising. Bake the cake. Yuk.

This contribution is one of the many jewels of At and I forgot in my
former mail to refer to the LO-number. Here At tries to sketch a
picture of the many ways to destroy the creation of a cake. Andrew, it
is perhaps because of this contribution that I was mainly focussed on
'quality'. I cannot understand now why I didn't focussed on
'otherness'. Because I do not like mono cultures, so I love otherness.
I also see that this essentiality cannot be denied.

What remains is this word 'quality'.
> " Quality " seems to me not an essentiality, but a result.

Yes, quality is the result. But only of variety? Quality counts for every
essentiality and the total quality depends on the combined effect of all
7E's. What questions me now is if the word quality is well chosen. Is
another term not available? Couldn't essentiality 6 be changed in:
variety-uniformity (otherness).
For me this way of describing nr. 6 enhances my understanding better.
'Quality' was for me a too much strange attractor.

Thank you, Andrew for refreshing my meanders.


> ..Tthe way i read it is that ''Quality'' is one of the
> ''complementary duals'' (the opposite being "Variety") in the system
> of seven "E"'s, one of which No.6 -- hereunder as "Otherness"...
> 1. becoming-being (liveness)
> 2. identity-categoricity (sureness)
> 3. associativity-monadicity (wholeness)
> 4. connect-beget (fruitfullness)
> 5. quantity-limit (spareness)
> 6. QUALITY-variety (otherness)
> 7. open-paradigm (openness)
> Have i read you as meaning something different. I do not see "Quality" as
> an
> "Essentiality"
> Love,
> andrew


"leo minnigh" <minnigh@dds.nl>

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