exercises for assumptions/stereotyping LO31128

From: yvonne faciane (buddha@frontiernet.net)
Date: 07/22/04

Hello My name is Yvonne Faciane, I am a trainer for ucsf/ahp; i am in
search of exercises with the focus being on assumptions/stereotyping
with the oppurtunity for self-awareness ; the training that i
facilitate has a great module on culture; with the theme of how
culture impacts a person's decision making process; we are seeking to
expand on this module by including exercises that affords
participant's the experience of looking at how one's assumptions and
stereotyping can impact a counseling session; we know that culture is
an issue that warrants attention when looking at someone's behavior
that opens up a pathway for hiv and to expand upon our current
exercises will be of great benefit to the participants and eventually
the client's that they will see. i would like to take the time to
thank you for your support in my endeavor .


"yvonne faciane" <buddha@frontiernet.net>

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