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From: Ahuja, Gautam (gahuja@bus.umich.edu)
Date: 07/23/04

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Technology and Innovation Management Division: 2004 Distinguished
Scholar and Speaker

Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to announce Anne Miner as the 2004 TIM
Distinguished Scholar and Speaker. I would like to cordially invite
you to attend Miner's talk. Please find a preview of Professor
Miner's talk below as well as details of the location etc.

[Host's Note: Sorry, I know it's too late for the talk itself, but
some of the notes below may be interesting. ..Rick]

Monday, August 9th
4:10 PM to 5:20 PM
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
Napoleon C3 Third Floor

Anne S. Miner

Ford Motor Company Distinguished Professor of Management and Human

Director, Initiative for Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship

School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Organizational Learning and Dynamic Strategy:

The Crucial Role of TIM for Improving Theory and Practice

In this talk, Miner proposes that the work done in the TIM division
plays a unique and crucial role in advancing contemporary management
theory and strategic action. She will comment on research on
organizational learning, and discuss dynamic, as opposed to positional

Miner will stress the growing awareness of a healthy variety of
learning processes. She will provide some examples from her work in
areas such as improvisation, learning from failure, the creation of
variability, population level learning and multi-level learning. Miner
argues that TIM research has played and will continue to play a unique
role in leading the way in theory development more broadly, and in
major frontiers in practice.

For example, by studying innovation, rather than simply making
assumptions about it, TIM helps build meaningful knowledge about one
of the most important issues in the social sciences. TIM research also
provides specificity that is essential to ground seductively abstract
models of learning and adaptation, Further, TIM research highlights
that in some settings there may be no sustainable competitive
advantage, and points to concepts and tools managers can use in such a


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