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From: Passi (
Date: 08/16/04

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Bangkok Thailand
Conference Theme: Learning Organization In A Learning World
19th International Conference at KMUTT Bangkok
April 18th to 22nd 2005
Dear LO Friends
 1. Conference in Bangkok: In April 2005, the KMUTT (Thailand) and the
AIAER (India) are organizing an International Conference in Bangkok on
the theme "Learning Organization in a Learning World". The theme is
important for creating new kind of environment in education, business,
corporate, administration and governance.
 2. Theme and sub-themes: Having this main theme, the Conference will
explore six sub-themes like, (a) Global Factors in Influencing
Society; (b) Theory, Meanings, and Methodology of Learning
Organization; (c) Application of Learning Organization in
Learner-centered Education; ; (d) Application of Learning Organization
in Technical, Vocational, & Industrial Education; (e) Application of
Learning Organization in other Areas; and (f) Case Studies.
 3. Who will join: About 300 delegates from different countries
representing various international organizations, government bodies,
corporate sectors, and educational institutions will attend this
conference from April 18th to 22nd 2005 at KMUTT Bangkok.
 4. Offer of Collaboration: You will appreciate that we are using a
broad cooperative model for the organization of this Conference. We
are seeking collaborations form institutions and scholars from
different quarters. The collaboration can be in the form of either
vision-sponsors, or collaborative-planners, or active-partners. As
vision-sponsors you may associate your name with the conference, as
collaborator you may help in funding the conference, as
active-partners you may depute delegates. It is up to you to decide
the manner and extent of your collaboration. We will welcome your
comments and queries.
 5. Win-Win Model: We will upscale the visibility of our collaborators
through media and conference-literature. Secondly, we will give
special priority to the delegates deputed by you. Thirdly, we will
network for creating future opportunities of mutual interests. This
win-win model of collaboration will bring us closer and synergize our
joint efforts for common goals.
 6. Hope: We hope to receive a favorable reply of collaboration for
this international conference.
Yours Sincerely
Dr. B. K. Passi
Member Directorate of Conference Organizing Team


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