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From: janlelie@pi.net
Date: 08/26/04

Replying to LO31125 --

Hello Jacqueline,

In my opinion, the biggest problem in developing learning
organisation(s) has been described by Chris Argyris:

"Learning in order to control behaviour inhibits learning".

You should also look into his "Strategy, Change and Defensive Routine

One of the causes is our tendency to confuce* (we're are all
confucianists ;-)) responsibility with being in control. People seem
to act as if being responsible - as a leader, as a manager, as a
teacher, as a parent - also means that one has to be in control. (I've
two children, and believe me, you are resonsible and NOT in control).
How can you be responsible without being in control? Now, when you
assume you can, you start learning.

There are some other symptoms: treating human beings - and other
beings - as resources. 'Human Resources', still in my view, implies
that human beings are means to an end. A better name for a Department
for Personal would be "Human Ends". So that would help.

Take care,

Jan Lelie

> I'm Jacqueline, currently pursuing an MBA degree in 'Human Resources'.
> Sir/Madam, can u tell me the problems faced in trying to develop an
> organisation into a 'Learning Organization' and what r the possible
> causes and remedies.



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