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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 10/05/04

Morning Lesson - Self Learning

"A few years ago I was in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a small town
where many buildings were vacated when the steel industry declined. I
was visiting the last company still manufacturing punched-card data
processing machines, and they were doing a booming business (this was
just before Y2K). But there was even more activity in the factory next
door. Their product? Placebos. For almost any drug on the market, they
produce an inert replica: round pink pills, triangular red ones, blue
ovals, yellow tablets, the entire range. We know they work, but we do
not understand why. As I drove back into New Jersey on Highway 1, past
one pharmaceutical giant after another, I pondered the irony that the
drug companies have built research lab upon research lab in expensive
Princeton, hoping to discover new products, while the placebos are
made in an abandoned factory with no research labs (and no lawyers)
because they have one product, no side effects, no patents — and it
works. How it works is still a mystery." GB Dyson

"When I write on "entropy production", I have to use technology like
pixels on a computer screen. But I try to guide each of you how to
write spontaneously your own version of it in your own spirituality.
Once you have done that, you will not want to argue by means of
artifacts whose version is correct or what other version of what else
should replace it." AM de Lange

If more people stayed in their owned (learning) mystery longer - they
might catch the glimpse as it flies ;-) beyond their 'gross' and 'poor
faculties' - living for a while in the 'finest emotion', the 'mystic
emotion'. /What is impenetrable is most real', ...as the most subtle
is the most real. "Curiosity has it's own reason for existing."

I have planted my soul into some of these giants. Giants, look, listen
and learn. I said i have put the soul of the butterfly into you.

Now the abyss has eyes.

"...for they will understand andrew, that the art;-)ificial is rooted
in reality and reality is rooted in our hearts." Vint Cerf.





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