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Date: 10/06/04

The 26th McMaster World Congress Newsletter Has Arrived...
It will be your direct connection to all the aspects of the 26th
McMaster World Congress!

Please find a small sampling of this month's newsletter below or click
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    Greetings from the 26th McMaster World Congress organizing
committee! We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer. As
the new school year begins, and the call for papers deadline draws
near, plans have stepped into high gear for one of the world's largest
and most prestigious conferences of its kind. From January 19-21,
2005, the Hamilton Convention Center will be transformed into a hub of
excitement and innovation as the congress focuses on three cutting
edge streams which are of growing importance in the business world: 1)
Corporate Governance, 2) eBusiness, and 3) Intellectual Capital and
Innovation, fuel the approach to long-term organizational success.
This monthly newsletter will be your one stop shop for the McMaster
World Congress. Here you will be able to find out what's currently
happening with the congress, important dates and deadlines, new
speakers who will be in attendance and so much more. The conference
is an exceptional opportunity to discuss and debate not only with
academics, but also with industry professionals in the various
streams. We are very proud of the way we incorporate researchers,
executives and students at our world-renowned event.
            Corporate governance examines the institutional policy
framework for corporations. This theme returns to the conference for
its second year in a row and showcases McMaster's launch of The
Directors College. The stream is headed up by Dr. Christopher Bart.
As publicly traded companies wrestle with new legislation and
reporting requirements, boards of directors find themselves in very
complex situations. Furthermore, recent unethical behaviour displayed
by some of the most well-known executives and companies makes this
theme very timely.
     The rise of technology and telecommunications means that the
management of e-business is embedded in every single organization
whether it is small firms, large corporations and even government.
It is redefining how businesses relate to each other and their
customers, as well as redefining how customers relate to each other
and to the public and private sectors. This theme continues to
showcase the talents of the McMaster eBusiness Research Centre which
is lead by Dr. Milena Head. The theme has evolved from the early
excitement brought on by the dot com revolution of a few years ago, to
the integration of enterprise-wide information systems of today, and
on to the predictions of how new inventions will influence sectors
such as health care, government and financial services. The insights
that are shared at this event help to further our understanding in
this new world of 'e'-possibilities.
    The intellectual capital and innovation stream is the longest
standing theme of the conference. First offered in 1996, it has since
grown to be recognized as the largest and most prestigious conference
of its kind in the world. The program director of this theme is Dr.
Nick Bontis. Over the last 8 years, the congress has been proud to
showcase research papers, business case studies and technology from
the leading lights of knowledge management and intellectual capital.
All of the top global gurus in this field have attended our conference
at least once and many of them are annual guests. The fields of
intellectual capital and knowledge management continue to thrive and
grow and our conference is a must-see event for anyone interested in
these areas.
            We are also proud to announce the 2nd Annual Edvinsson
Saint-Onge Award which will be awarded to the outstanding student
paper in the intellectual capital stream at the conference. We are
indebted to Leif Edvinsson and Hubert Saint-Onge for their continued
support of our program. In addition to our regular speaker program,
the congress will host a series of special events:

Networking Events: With several social events, the conference provides
the opportunity to meet with colleagues from over 40 countries.

Doctoral Consortium: This gathering of PhD candidates provides both a
recruiting and networking opportunity as well as formal presentations
from some of the brightest young minds in today's universities.

Technology Expo: Exhibitors and sponsors showcase cutting edge
products, services solutions and expertise.

E-Commerce Case Competition: Competing graduate students from various
academic institutions analyze and present real world e-business
problems. This three-day event begins prior to the McMaster World
Congress with the final presentations, judging and awards ceremonies
taking place on the opening night of the congress.
            Last year's conference attracted over 800 attendees from
over 40 countries and was covered by media outlets from over 10
countries. This year's event promises to exceed our current records.
Please check the selected biographies of our confirmed speakers in the
Speaker's Corner.

Ainsley Young
Director, Editor in Chief
External Relations
26th McMaster World Congress
(905) 525-9140 x23962
(e) worldcongress@mcmaster.ca

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