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From: Richard Karash (richard@karash.com)
Date: 10/24/04

Hello Friends --

All of you receiving the Digest version have probably been wondering
what happened to us. Others may have missed some of the usual voices.

I recently discovered to my dismay that my vendor had _lost_ the
subscriber list for the learning-org-digest several months ago, around
May 20th. So, after five months' absence, here is the learning org
list again!

First some housekeeping... I have obtained the subscriber list from
May 20 and put it back in place. This is the best I could do, but
there are possible problems.

If you no longer want to receive the digest, it would help me if you
unsub using the directions below. Or, if you wish, just write me and
I'll take care of it.

If your email address has changed, write me.

If you get duplicate messages, write me, and please tell me the
addresses that might be involved.

I apologize for this outage. I certainly intend to provide a higher
quality of service you.

   -=- Rick

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If this fails, please write me.

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