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From: chris macrae (
Date: 10/25/04

I want to develop a (democracy/society) game side to the intangibles
audit which my friends and I seek to publish and disseminate in open
source format. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the audit
focuses on the biggest missing measure of all organisations today-
viewing an organization as a system of relationships of productivities
and demands, system theory suggests that all that connectivity most be
compounding growth or destruction (isn't static). So which way is any
organisation's context and relationship health spinning? Is an
organsiation currently being governed to be worth investing ion or
shorting - that much of its future is measurable as a relationship

This measure can be defined mathematically as simply as we can define
a circle. It seems to me revolve round the missing link of OL's
system's theory - wonderful stuff but not in practice challenging at
every quarter the completely non-systemic impact most classical
accounting measures have due to their assumptions of separation and
(invest in machine over people- the tangible accounting book has no
space for investing in people)


The game involves 10 role-players and an industry context. That's my
problem - how do I find 10 people who want to play the same context
all at the same time? It would seem to me that one way to have a
chance of attracting 10 people is to say let's go for the biggest
contexts. So how can I define that. Roughly I see 4 branches of

A 10 Billion Growth Sustained over last 5 years
There are the few googles of this world actually to have compounded more
than 10 billion growth over the last 5 years- we've mapped google. Does
the West have any other cases?

B 10 Billion Lost over last 5 years.
Because most large corporations do risk analysis as if events are
separate, we have 50 cases of organisations that have lost more than 10
billion of connected (systemic) relationship value in the last 5 years
from Andersen down. Is there a case of a corporation or industry that
has more than 10 billion value but where risk as separation worries you
for its future?

C 10 Billion in social value worldwide
There are some poverty issues that financial men may never see as being
worth 10 billion but other human beings do. Many relate to getting a
billion people out of extreme poverty without costing richer people
anything. How does one start this 10 person game

D 10 Billion in remaining public or quasi public sectors

Education, healthcare (at lest in some countries), media if you still
have any public channels- all of these make bases for a democratic
game- mapping what could be connected versus what is currently full of
relationship holes.

Do any of these grab you? The point is if we find one context and 10
people who care about it, the game can be played virtually, requiring
about one hour of elapsed time per round- where the first round is
bound to be a big eye-opener; and iterative rounds if played get
closer and closer to actual implementation

Chris macrae,, London & DC

PS The contexts I seem to be getting most traction for are places- so we
have a whole family of blogs where people are hoping their place
challenges will attract neighbours into a joint game.
This rural village example is one of the system applications I am
prepared to put my most pro bono energies into


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