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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 10/25/04

Replying to LO31180 --

HelLO Richard,

I met a pilgrim yesterday - whom i shall (likely) not see again.

''Art does not imitate nature, it imitates a creation, sometimes to
propose an alternative worked, sometimes to amplify, to confirm, to
make social the brief hope offered by nature.'' 'The White Bird' 1985

I l(o)ive

" I live now in a world of shadows that shape and distance colour, a
world where space makes a kind of terrible sense ... the fluttering
patch i saw in my nursery window - silver and green shape shifting
blue - is gone; a row of Lombardy poplars takes its place, mute,
across the distant lawn ... Why didn't someone hand those newly
sighted people paints and brushes from the start, when they still
didn't know what anything was? Then maybe we all could see colour
patches too, the world unravelled from reason, Eden before Adam gave
names." Pilgrim and Tinker Creek, 1975 Annie Dillard

As for ''RoseWhole_Rose''

The colour red in my Rose may be called 'scarlet' - [on my desk here i
have beside me some notes to an exhibition (Mabey 1994) of Cockerill's

It (scarlet) stands for (among other things) blood and blood lines,
catastrophe and continuity, "- remembering Macbeth, how scarlet could
stand for indelibility." The word Anamnesis, is archaic and means an
ordered recollection - which was one of Plato's doctrines, according
to which the soul pre-existed in a purer state and there gained its

to gain the idea of the rose - now there is a thing ;-) and to lose it


> [Host's Note -- Andrew's "little art" is a nice piece, a 1mb file at
> http://www.learning-org.com/docs/LO31180_RoseWhole_Rose.ppt
> Thank you, Andrew! .. Rick]



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