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01 Apr 97 00:34:59 EST

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Margaret brings the 'overwhelm' thread back where it belongs. Actually,
lots of people make their money helping people develop time management (I
prefer to think of it as investment) processes. Any number of them work,
but they have to be _used_ and they seldom are.

There are two problems I think. First, they take an ongoing,
never-ending, relentless kind of discipline which we don't seem to manage
well. We don't lose weight well, either, and that requires exactly the
same kind of discipline.

The second is that we get into situations where our goals conflict, and we
can't find any way out except to sacrifice our personal time. For
example, many people -- me included -- just love the daily and long-term
challenges of work. I also have a family that I make a conscious effort
to spend time with. i also enjoy a number of outdoor activities both
summer and winter. So what happens when there are too many demands?
Something has to give, and while it may be work that gives some of the
time, it is more likely to be my personal time. It takes real courage to
buck the pressure of peers and bosses and _not_ go to work when you are

This is a fertile field for further thought.


Rol Fessenden

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