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Wed, 02 Apr 97 09:53:18 EST

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Rol wrote:

>There are two problems I think. First, they take an ongoing,
> never-ending, relentless kind of discipline which we don't seem to
> manage well. ...
> The second is that we get into situations where our goals conflict,
> and we can't find any way out except to sacrifice our personal time.

If you are truly managing your time well, and have your goals and
values clearly defined, then I don't think that you'll run into
conflict with your goals. This is only true if you've integrated your
own personal goals and values with your work goals and values and your
family goals and values.

I'm not advocating egotistical behaviour, but think of this:

If you don't focus on yourself, if you don't put the needs of your own
person above the other goals, then eventually you can run into a
nervous breakdown. Or get so out of shape, you can't walk up stairs.
Or turn around and find there's no one to share your success and
dreams with.

Demands are everywhere, and with the speed of the electronic
information age, answers come almost instantaneously. And it won't
slow down. Companies are willing to burn people out because most
companies (not all are like LL Bean...)don't really care about the
individual. So who's going to ensure your personal goals and needs
are met. Not your family's, not your friends, but yours!

There's only one person who can ensure you keep your personal time.
That's you. If you decide to forego some personal time because of the
other goals and demands, that your decision.

We have the power to choose. We often let others choose for us and
feel powerless because of it. Too few time management courses teach
the balance of family, personal, spiritual, health and career.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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