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Wed, 02 Apr 1997 09:13:55 +0100

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As someone who is colour blind (or more strictly colouur vision deficient)
I have to disagree with your opening paragraph. When I look at an apple
which you see as red I also see it as red. However, it is highly likely
that what I'm seeing is 'really' very different from what you are seeing,
although objectively the spectrum absorption pattern of the apple is the
same for both of us.

When I tell people I'm colour blind their first question is always
something like "How do you know when to stop at traffic lights?" They
seem disappointed when I tell them it's no problem, in that I see a column
of three lights and know that if the top one is glowing I put the brakes

I think we're into the undergrowth of the 'nature v nurture' forest with
this one.


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