Stafford Beer to Fritjof Kapra LO13088
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 22:57:58 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO13067 --

I couldn't resist Doug Reelers enthusiasm concerning the
concurrence/convergence of multiple disciplines and the increasing
consciousness (a kind of collective individuation, to coin Jungs word for
the development of consciousness). He said

it is particularly exciting to see the increasing concurrence . . .
between many disciplines being drawn together by a growing consciousness
of the need for systems thinking and am enthralled by the notion of
deep ecology as the anticipated foundation of all systems thinking and I
suppose a future global consciousness of viable and sustainable economies
and societies.

I, too, have been taken by the convergence, though Ive came first to know
it as holism and other terms before I became familiar with the metaphors
of systems thinking and learning organizations. Am not sure, though (and
perhaps it's completely irrelevant!) whether others are becoming
increasingly aware of the need for systems thinking, or whether
organizations are finally coming to understand this way of being which
others have practiced for years. Though not familiar with Stafford Beer
and only a nodding acquaintance with Kapra, I see how LOs are reflecting
many of the teachings from transpersonal psychology, depth psychology,
adult development, radical humanism, and the new/old areas of society-deep
ecology-soul (to name just a few areas). Based on the ideas of the
hierarchical psyche and the development of consciousness, this drive
towards a more universal focus, and deep ecology, is a natural step in
both our individual and collective (e.g., organizational) development;
and so is systems thinking. What is even more mind-boggling for me is to
understand that even deep ecology is only a step towards something even
more vast, and I cannot begin to imagine just what that will look like (I
know, first things first!).

Doug asks, How do we connect the incredible valuable notions of 'learning
organisations' to such contexts? Guess I see it as more of the reverse,
where certain workplaces are at last coming to understand these other
contexts, and their valuable application within the workplace. Many of
the ideas of deep ecology, of right livelihood, of learning organizations,
have been discussed for centuries within different contexts. Today, I see
more of an interaction and sharing of the knowledge understood by diverse
disciplines, and this contributes to them all, to each of us. All, I
think, demand an enhanced ability to increase our mindfulness, our
consciousness, and our consideration of what could be. Gets to the
essence of development, doesnt it, which is a big piece of what it means
to be human.


Terri A Deems


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