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" I have been asked to locate an article for a client that would be
appropriate reading for a group of middle managers on what major culture
change (moving from a hierarchical organization to a team-oriented
structure) would look like. "

Hi Paula:

I recommend 'Flight of the Buffalo' (by James Belasco and Ralph Stayer) to
my clients when they want to read about the new paradigm (collective
responsibility vs autocracy) before jumping into change. The problem with
most "articles" that I've read is that they tend to be good teasers, but
don't usually have enough beef to inform a group on what they are/might be
getting into... and ... how to go about the transformation process. 'The
Flight of the Buffalo' does a pretty straightforward job of explaining the
'what and how' of this transformation. I would be interested in any great
articles that you might uncover!

Jim Markowsky
Organizational Dynamics
Columbus, OH


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