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Fri, 4 Apr 1997 23:40:38 -0500 (EST)

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John S wrote

> I am part of a group working on ways to incorporate lo concepts within the
> third sector (i.e. non-profit, NGOs, voluntary orgs, Faith-based,
> community-based orgs and/or community organizing groups) in order to help
> create and strengthen their Social Capital. If anyone could suggest
> possible resources currently addressing this subject area, I would be most
> grateful.

At first glance anyway, I am not sure why or how applying lo concepts
within the *third sector* (I've never heard that one before) would be much
different than within any other organization, family, or other oranized
social group. It's less a matter of mechanics and how-to's than it is a
philosophy and way of being (I know, the mechanics become a part of it;
however, I worry whenever it seems people are more concerned with the
mechanics than with the understanding of fundamental assumptions

What is Social Capital? That's another one I'm not very familiar with.
Sounds similar to the once (still?)-popular *human capital* which attempts
to commodify and dehumanize something that is innately human. Would be
interested in hearing whwere the term comes from and how it is being used.


Terri Deems tadeems@aol.com

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