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I am not aware of any specific literature linking Lo's and IIP. However at
the conceptual and generic level they have much in common.

IIP as you will be aware, if you are getting involved with it, is
concerned with getting companies to make an explicit commitment to the
development of their employees within the contect of a business vision and
strategy. Attaining the IIP award requires organisations to show that they
have a business vision and strategy toether with individual plans for
everyone's development, as well as the means to deliver and monitor

LO's are more 'highbrow' than this or perhaps taking things at a more
concetual level. They are concerned with have the organisation learn. That
said most learning is likely to take place within a business context.

To my knowledge there is no literature on the concepts behind IIP whilst
there is lots about LO's.

This is a sharter for 5 points. If it stimulates and you woulslike more
perhaps you could post some specific questions.

Best wishes

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