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07 Apr 1997 12:29:25 +1000

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in response to John Constantine <> on Thu, 03 Apr 1997

But when I am busy I will read the first para of any mailing and make a
decision. If the author has not articulated a clear indication of (to me)
interesting content I accept that it is I who decides not to continue, but
there is also some authorial responsibility. I understand a basic
principle in journalism is to catch your interest 1. with the title and 2.
with the 1st para. It seems sensible to me to apply this to email.

>Lon Badgett makes a point in re responsibility as it affects the subject
>line in email.
>Might I make a point I've offered before, that the responsibility for
>communication rests on the receiver, not the sender. I find some added
>support for this in the recent postings of At DeLange concerning


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