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John Zavacki (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 05:46:08 -0400

Replying to LO13131 -- talks to the issues of project
management and the "Stuff Americans are Made Of", and finally, teams, and
team compensation. As a consultant, I get to see a lot of variations on
all of these themes. Some folks can manage projects, but can't see the
cultural issues that create their bottlenecks. Some are all teams, with
great compensation policies, but can't get to efficient operations because
they can't manage projects. Some do both well but haven't a clue to the
foundations of quality. Others do it all, but haven't a system of values
from which to operate and consequently make decisions for cash flow
optimization which hurt customers.

I've written about this recently. You can get the paper at Push the publications button at the top of the page
and look for "Quality in the Agile, Learning Organization". Project
management technique, Intranet/extranet, Open Book Management, and a set
of shared values make for a great start on staying ahead of the curve.

John Zavacki
The Wolff Group

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