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Hi LOers!

I'm a 23 yo BA student from Cochabamba, Bolivia (that's South America).
I've been on and off this list for about four months and I feel that now
is the time for me to formaly join.

I'm at my final year and I'm starting to work on my thesis, I haven't
decided the final topic yet. So far I'm peeking at the management of
human resources and it's link to organizational competitiveness, although
my teacher said that that would be too much work, because I would have to
mesure the market participation of the subjects and prove that somehow
investing in people will increase market share, if it does at all.

Although I'm really intrigued with the relationship betwen the use of
Information Technology and the organizational configurations (Mintzberg
stuff). That's what I'd like to do my research on, how does the use of IT
changes (or not) the configuration that an org. has, will all become
profesional ones or innovatives? or what.

Well, actually the main reason of me writing (besides introducing
myself) is this. I started to work at this software-hardware dealer, and
I'm to guide them throught the strategic planning process. It's quite odd
for me to be dealing with people almost twice older than me, but thats
another story.

* Now (finally to the point) do you guys know of some guides, processes or
whatever to define the vision for the organization? I understand the
value of this, but I need something more concrete than what Senge says in
his book (T5D, unfortunately I don't have the Fieldbook, they don't sell
it here in Bolivia).

I need something like:

Step 1: talk about the value of this and get comitment from the top

-> Step 2: have a meeting with them and discuss this: bla bla bla

Step 3: bla bla

Do you get my point? I would very much apreciate your comments, I have
learn so much so far from this list and I almost list it as part of the
biography in my last paper :)

Thanks in advance,


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more than hands or mouths
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