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Bill Harris (
Thu, 10 Apr 97 11:48:52 PDT

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Mauricio wrote:
> I'm a 23 yo BA student from Cochabamba, Bolivia (that's South America).


>* Now (finally to the point) do you guys know of some guides, processes or
>whatever to define the vision for the organization? I understand the

I'm no expert in it, but I've heard of and read a bit about Search
Conferences as a process or tool to do what you're trying to do. You
might find something on them by Emery (either of the Emery's --- they're
married) or from others.

>his book (T5D, unfortunately I don't have the Fieldbook, they don't sell
>it here in Bolivia).

Do you have access to one of the major worldwide book resellers? I'm
thinking of Blackwell's in England, perhaps Powell's in Portland, Oregon,
USA, or, now with technology, places like on the Web.



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