Risk Models in Change LO13168

Antony Aitken (tpantonya@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Thu, 10 Apr 97 14:49 BST-1

I am trying to find a method/model to help people be open about the risks
which they perceive in a change programme, to help quantify/prioritise
those risk areas - and to capture learning and communicate it after the
risk has materialised, without 'risk' of sanction!

I have done a search on Risk which did not lead me far - except towards
Conferences on Risk in IT.

My hope is to find a broader model of risk which we could use - risk not
simply of a failure of an IT system, but of failures in broader
organisational systems (as per Senge) and behaviours which might also
disappoint the promoters of change, if the risk materialised and damaged
their expectations.

It seems to me that by encouraging open discussion of risk of under
performance/'failure' of a planned course of action, we do a variety of

(1)Encourage open discussion of the possibility of 'failure'.
(2)Recognise uncertainty, and the need to plan and lay in
contingencies of time and resource.
(3)Take active steps towards allowing that 'failure' is a Learning
(4)Recording successful response to 'failures 'and communicating
both the success and the 'failure' which allowed the learning to take

I hesitate to submit this request for leads/sites/books/models etc - and
will publish a summary to the list if there is a positive response to me
and/or to the List.

Thank you for all your contributions, past and future.

Antony Aitken
Transition Partnerships


tpantonya@cix.compulink.co.uk (Antony Aitken)

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