Risk Models in Change LO13181

Winfried Dressler (winfried.dressler@voith.de)
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 08:54:51 +0100

Replying to LO13168 --


the biggest risks arise from the total system i.e. of an enterprize. It is
not well predictable, what the attempt to change something will do to the
system - at least as long as one can only refer to the official surface of
the system. The problem is, that individuals are not aware of the real
risks, so being open about the risks which they perceive in a change
programme may not help to overcome or even identify the true risks.

I learned about this and how to find real risks and the appropriate change
approach by reading "Unwritten rules of the game" by Peter Scott-Morgan.
It also contains an interview-technique/schedule to find the "unwritten
rules". I had no chance to try this method up to now, but the reading is
very convincing.

Does anybody in the list has some experience with this approach?

Regards, Winfried



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