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Maria Pichler <maria@ifs.uni-linz.ac.at> wrote:

>Do you think that
>* organizational change follows technological changes?
>Or the other way round, meaning that
>* technological change follows organizational changes?


>How do you interpret the development of 'inter-/intranet'?


You have raised a question that may be answered [besides other views] from
the open systems perspective. Here is a working paper that delves into the
interdependencies between organizational and technological changes. This
working paper is a part of the @BRINT Research Initiative (www.brint.com).
[More on this topic in the paragraph after the following URLs].

Name: Role of Information Technology in Managing Organizational Change and
Organizational Interdependence (61K)

URL: http://www.brint.com/papers/orgchang.htm

About your second question:

>How do you interpret the development of 'inter-/intranet'?

the following links may help in providing some information:

Name: National Information Infrastructure: Myths, Metaphors and
Realities (Working Paper)
URL: http://www.pitt.edu/~malhotra/papers/niireport.html

Name: Intranets: What? Why? How? (Index of Articles)
URL: http://www.brint.com/Intranets.htm

One may need to observe that what is generally observed as
organizational change is now more and more dependent upon the extra-
organizational change (cf: Emery & Trist 1965). Another way of considering
the same perspective may be from the perspective which argues (cf:
Drucker) that more and more information of import for an organization now
originates outside the organization. The same theme may be extended to
the competitive/strategic perspective (cf: Porter), while observing the
contextual 'complementarities' (cf: Porter) that are anticipated to
provide the organizations with their unique competence(s).

Related notions are discussed in the realm of organization science and
information systems literature under the topic of 'impact of technology on
organizations.' One pertinent reference in this stream is:

Markus, M.L. & Robey, D. (May 1988). "Information Technology and
Organizational Change: Causal Structure in Theory and Research,"
Management Science, 34(5), pp. 583-598.

Also, for new organizational forms and their interrelationships with
technology, the index of articles available at the following URL may
be relevant:

Name: Virtual Corporations & Outsourcing
(Case Sensitive) URL: http://www.brint.com/EmergOrg.htm


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