Organization follows Technology ? LO13177

Maria Pichler (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:02:19 +0200


Some weeks ago I started following the discussion on this list. Now I
have got a question and I wanted to know what people of LO think about it:

Do you think that

* organizational change follows technological changes?

Or the other way round, meaning that

* technological change follows organizational changes?

How do you interpret the development of 'inter-/intranet'?

Was technology first and this changes organizations (processes,
structures, hierarchies, communication, etc.) .. or .. was the
organizational change first and therefore the desire and the chance for
the growth of that technology?

Best regards, Maria Pichler

University of Linz, Austria

[Host's note: Maria, when you say "follows" do you mean "caused by" and
"design is governed by"? ... or just that one follows the other in time?


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